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Мanagement and control bodies

,,BB-NCIPD Ltd.’’ is represented and managed by Dr. Roumen Petev Kofinov who manages the company since the 20th of January 2020 after his appointment as a General Manager on basis of a protocol issued by the sole owner of the capital of the Company – the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria and also on basis of his Management Agreement for the term of one year.

Dr. Roumen Petev Kofinov was appointed after a competition procedure for the election of a General Manager of the Company according to a protocol of the sole owner of the capital of   ,, BB-NCIPD Ltd.’’ with referent number-RD-16-163 dated the 25th  of  February 2021 and a duly signed Agreement with referent number- RD-16-165 dated the 26th  of  February 2021 for the assignment of the management of the public company -,, BB-NCIPD Ltd.’’ , Sofia, VAT:130428132- a sole proprietorship with a limited liability.

The General Manager's remuneration is calculated in accordance to art.56 of the ,,Regulations for implementation of the law over public companies’’ and in accordance with the decision of the sole owner of the capital under art.56, paragraph 13 of the same.

Dr. Roumen Kofinov has a higher education with a specialty -Medicine and acquired  qualification -Physician since year 1994 with  a professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry  for more than 27 years the last nine of which in -,, BB-NCIPD Ltd.’’

He speaks English and Russian.

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