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Mission, vision and goals

The mission of BB-NCIPD Ltd. is to provide medicinal products for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases in compliance with high quality standards, with high-tech, modern production, with environmental protection, corporate and social responsibility.

The main strategic goal of BB-NCIPD Ltd. is to assess its technological and innovation competence systematically and adequately and make the most of its technological experience, providing the country with high-quality biological preparations, a large part of which are unique and strategic. These products meet the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and the World Health Organization and are manufactured according to GMP requirements, in agreement with the policy and strategy of the Ministry of Health to combat infectious and parasitic diseases, providing indispensable vaccines for a large part of the world directly either through WHO (via UNICEF) or indirectly through LG Chem.

The production of BB-NCIPD Ltd. meets the highest requirements of international standards ISO, GMP, as well as WHO and EU regulations. The company has been prequalified by the WHO as a UNICEF supplier for the following vaccines: Lyophilized BCG vaccine for intradermal use (first prequalification in 1991); TETATOX, tetanus vaccine (since 2006); DIFTET, adsorbed vaccine against diphtheria and tetanus (since 2006); TETADIF Adsorbed Tetanus - diphtheria toxoid (Td) reduced-dose diphtheria vaccine for adults (since 2006). The production of pertussis vaccine was prequalified by the WHO in 2012.

In unison with the growing regulatory requirements and modern trends in the production of biological products, the Company works hard to continuously renew the production areas and introduce new technological resources.

The growing requirements for the quality of biological products in the conditions of strong competition require significant investments both for equipment and for the introduction of new methods of analysis and their validation. Considerable efforts and resources are made to maintain the necessary level of production and development, as well as to maintain and expand production, for which we have the technological experience, capabilities, and markets in Bulgaria and abroad. It is a continuous process of updating and complying with the ever-increasing requirements for compliance with GMP standards.

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